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NIVA is born on the foundations of fjello, a tech start-up company with the mission to connect and inspire climbing enthusiasts through technology.

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To do so,

2 main products were developed

We love and trust our belayers, but they are not always there with us wherever or whenever we go on the wall. While travelling around or moving to a new location, finding someone to climb with could be a challenge. Therefore, we create an app to simply connect climbers together and leave more time for climbing and less for searching.

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How it works

Set your profile

Here is your zone, where you can set your preferred type of climbing, grading level and climbing knowledge.

Find partners

Connect with climbers based on your location, availability, type of climbing and grading level.

Join or create events

With fjello you can connect with instructors and friends to share unique climbing experiences.

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we connect


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We worked with professionals to showcase their guided vertical trips on our platform, providing advanced management and marketing services.

fjelloTRIP are now part of NIVA Trips.

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Our business,

in a nutshell

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Our results,

in a nutshell

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Our path,

in a nutshell

Startup path

Our startup journey started in Berlin, at Vali Berlin, the entrepreneurship hub at ESMT Berlin, where we participated in 2 programs (SEP and NEXT). We were then incubated with Climby in the acceleration program of Startup Geeks, Italy's largest online incubator, with over 681 startups incubated and 6 million euros raised.

Main partners and collabs

And now...

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In Feb 2024 we merged with Climby to develop a product that integrates the functionalities, network effects and technologies of the two startups ... and build the best digital platform for the vertical world.

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